Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another app targeting opposites

I think I'll make this post a short one. Instead of going into a lot of detail about the app, I'll give the basics and then make my recommendation.

Baby Cortex,  the developer, has put out 11 apps to date of which a large number are musical apps such as Baby Piano, Baby Classical Mozart and other famous composers.  Baby cortex apps are colorful with large images and interactive. Many of the apps are free but without distracting advertisements sitting/floating/ blinking on the screen.

The opposites app uses animal pictures to demonstrate each opposite concept. Two animals are hidden somewhere in the scenery on the screen. To expose one animal, the child touches somewhere on the screen. The animal appears and a child's voice states the concept the animal represents. The child then needs to touch somewhere else on the screen to expose a second animal representing the opposite concept. The first picture on my screen was an arctic scene. I touched the snow covered tree exposing a polar bear standing. I then touched the rocks next to the polar bear and a baby cub appeared. With the appearance of each animal, a child's voice does a short narration: "This polar bear is standing up," "This polar bear is sitting down." Tap on each polar bear and the child says, "Stand" or "Sit." The words "stand" and "sit" also appear above the animals. There are 10 different scenes, each with its own set of opposites.

There is a music icon that I immediately turned to off to spare myself the annoyance hearing the same constant background music. There are arrows at the top of each screen that, when touched, move one to a new picture or the previous picture.

I'll continue to review other Baby Cortex Apps in future blogs.

Suggested uses: opposites, object parts, vocabulary, location
Ages: 2.5-4 years
Cost:  free
Rating: +++

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